Chairman’s Chat

St Neots model flying club Christmas news letter. 14 December 2017

This year has been absolutely outstanding, really good weather for flying, in the summer there were members flying on most days conditions permitting.

A fantastic flying event happened in September, it was well attended despite the poor weather on the day and the barbecue was up to the usual high standard.

The clearing of the ditch of the overgrown weeds and bushes has allowed landing and taking off over the ditch without having to be too high for our landing patch. I would like to thank those responsible for this.

It was good to see one of our members flying his 80cc twin cylinder model on our flying field this is possibly the largest model that has flown from our current site this was competently flown using the space available with a good safety margin. This should be a inspiration to us all on what can be flown from our flying field.

The event this year was a gliding competition, a timed power on, then glide and land on the grass patch, the longest flight achieved won. Then there was the usual quiz, a aeroplane recognition test which was very good. For most of the day it was overcast, then the rain came so it was into the hut to finish the quiz, but it was a fun day enjoyed by all that attended. Because the visibility was bad the photographs are poor so I won’t bore you with them.

The indoor model flying is going well this year at our new hall although a bit smaller than we are use to but in the new year we should be back to our old venue. It’s good to see new members attending and trying to fly some of the more challenging aspects of our hobby including indoor acrobatics and FPV flying (flying looking through a camera on the model using goggles) although up to now only on quadcopters but this FPV flying can be used on any type of model indoors and outside and with all the stabilisation and gyros and new technology that’s available to us at very reasonable prices I am sure we will see more of this applied to models in the future.

This is a example of a modeller practicing his landings.

Landing successful.

One of our modellers concentrating on flying his quad using FPV.

The next years competitions consist of a scale event rules to be advised, and a competition for the longest flight from launch to landing (on our take off and landing patch) using a small Diesel Engine up to 1.5cc , only 2 servos, the flying machine must fit in the club box, ready to fly, (44 inches by 40 inches) 10 minute launch/start slot, fuel and the fuel amount supplied by the club. So get building if you need some plans/drawings for something suitable please get in touch, you have loads of time till next summer.

A well known modeller has been busy sorting his competition model out for next year already.

We will be having some quad meetings in the new year on a Saturday or Sunday morning this will be for any type of machine racing/ FPV photography or whatever just like- minded modellers coming together.

The club has a new website which provides members with the opportunity to submit modelling related content for publication in terms of articles and photographs. The Committee see the website as an important communication channel with members and will publish information there in parallel to contact by email. It also provides a platform for you to sell off those unwanted models and accessories sitting around on your workbench. Just fill in the form provided, give your contact details and add a photo. A completely free service with no commission payable to the club!!

As some of you may be aware, Dave Anderson has asked to stand down as Safety Officer due to his need to spend more time caring for his wife who is unwell. We wish her a speedy recovery and would like to record our thanks to Dave for his service in this important role. The Committee has co-opted Barry Cooper as Safety Officer who will act in this role until the next AGM.

The club now has 2 modellers working away for their BMFA examiners/instructors ratings. If you want to practise for an A or B certificate please get in touch with Barry or me.

All that’s left for me to do now is to thank everybody who has helped us this year and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year.